Our quality policy is to understand the expectations of our customers, to work due to specifications and standards and to approach excellence.

We based our policy on the following principles:

* To aim and approach excellence.

* To work productively in order to add value,

* To act according to the “continuous improvement” principle,

* To be responsible for quality with all our management team and employees,

* To improve our skills and understanding of the quality concept by training,

* To encourage harmony, effectiveness and creativeness by teamwork,

* To cooperate with our subcontractors and specialist teams in every opportunity towards continuous improvement in a win-win approach.


Our quality objectives are minimizing job accidents, decreasing customer complaints and increasing market share.

The policies to be followed in ensuring these objectives are as follows. They are further detailed as Quality Policy and HES Policy.


* To realize our commitments under the best conditions, our resources are developed by exploiting the most recent possibilities in technology and our employees are supported with all the opportunities necessary for their personal and professional development.

* Customer satisfaction is the first priority in all our services.

* We are committed to protecting the environmental safety and to minimizing all kinds of job accidents by taking care of health and job safety of our employees and customers.

* By increasing the productivity, we aim;

To decrease costs and reflect that to our customers,

To increase profitability and reflect that to our shareholders and employees.

* Subcontractors and vendors are encouraged and supported to develop themselves in cooperation towards our mission.

* Our employees are encouraged for active participation at all levels in order to achieve success.

* Our responsibility is to contribute to the development of our employees, people and country in business and investments we undertake, and to represent them in the very best way in the international arena.


Health, Safety & Environmental Protection POLICY


PERA aims to spend all necessary effort to protect his employees and other persons which may be affected by his activities work-related injuries and illnesses, avoid damage to his and third-party property and ensure to eliminate environmental pollution while conducting the company activities. In following this policy, the basic principles are:

• Any sort of illness, injury or pollution can be prevented.

• To make hazard assessment is a prerequisite before startup of any activity.

• If any hazard is foreseen during the hazard assessment process, the work shall not be started until the preventive measures are taken to manage the hazard under control.


In line with the above principles,

• Management commitment at all levels shall be maintained for the validity of this policy.


• The concept of HES shall be introduced as a line responsibility to increase staff participation and to improve performance.

• In order to increase awareness and competence of staff, training shall be provided at all levels through official HES courses, toolbox meetings, unsafe act/condition auditing, and site inspection.


• Accidents shall be investigated and analyzed to determine the causes and weak points in HES management with the purpose of recommending measures to prevent reoccurrence.

In summary, PERA shall assess health, safety and environmental matters before entering into new activities and develop project-specific HES plans. In developing these plans, the main objective is the full implementation of the HES policy with the minimum standard of legislative requirements and client specifications with the ultimate goal of “Lost Time Free” work