I have graduated from Istanbul Technical University as a Civil Engineer in 1974.

Between the years 1974-1977, I have worked for SANKUR Project and Consultancy Inc. During this period, I have worked in designing/project preparation and controlling of industrial establishments such as ASİL ÇELİK, SÖĞÜT SERAMİK, SEYDİŞEHİR ALÜMİNYUM, FERRO DÖKÜM and GİMTAŞ KABLO.

Between the years 1977-1984, I have managed projects that involved industrial establishments, shopping malls and residential complexes both in Turkey and Libya.

During the years 1984-1992, I have constructed luxury residences and realized various infrastructure projects through my own construction company.

In 1992, I have started working as the Vice President in a leading construction company. In the following 13 years of my professional life in this company, I have managed and assumed the full responsibility of both national and international projects; of which you may find information in the attached brochure.

Through PERA Engineering and Contracting Ltd. established in 2005, we aim to provide our customers with high quality, cost effective and time efficient projects. In this sense, we would like to offer our services for the below-given construction projects, both through our staff and subcontractors.

- Industrial Establishments

- All types of Residential Construction

- Shopping Malls and Business Plazas

- Waste Water (Sewage) Treatment Facilities

- Water Treatment Facilities


As a fresh player in the sector, we hope to utilize our energy and enthusiasm for your projects and convey all parties through their targets.


Yours Sincerely,

H. Irfan BUMIN